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Audio Equipment Rentals

We own a large assortment of audio equipment from a variety of top manufacturers. Each item that we have in our inventory has been selected based on our years of experience in the live sound reinforcement field, and personally used and tested for quality, reliability and durability.

We have a large selection of professional speakers, microphones, mixers and audio accessories.

The variety allows us to choose what's best for the specific need of our clients. From small intermit settings to large scale festivals; we have a sound system that is capable of getting the job done. Just like there is no one way in event production, there is no cookie-cutter system that can do it all.

The needs of each event; each production is unique, like our selection of speakers and microphones.

With the current state of the wireless spectrum, it has become even more critical when choosing a wireless microphone. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff, can help you pick a system that is both legal and operational within the US.

We can provide additional services such as mic selection and RF coordination for your venue.

Are your current wireless mics legal for use in the US? Check out this Blog post for More>>

Top products from Top manufacturers:
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