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Spotlight on: Church withouts Walls

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Church without Walls is an annual event, held in Freeport, NY. For over 12 years, and for at least 2 months during the summer, Perfecting Faith Church has taken their Sunday services outside the four walls of their building, to be closer to the people. Pastor Donnie McClurkin, founder and senior pastor of Perfecting Faith Church, invites residents from Freeport, Roosevelt, surrounding communities and across Long Island to bring their friends, family members, noise-makers and dancing shoes.

McClurkin says, "We’re stepping outside the four walls of the building we call the church and carrying God’s message of unconditional love and the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people.”

Mickella Solutions Inc, has history with the church, dating back to it's early days, when they met in a hotel ballroom, and when they first moved into their building-turned-into-sanctuary. Company founder, Terrance Friday was part of the inaugural audio production team for the very first CWoW event, held at a supermarket parking lot in the area. After a few years of absence, Mickella Solutions Inc has returned, in sort of a home-coming to the event. Mickella Solutions had partnered with Audio Design Group NYC to provide 10 weeks of audio production and technical crew to support the church's outreach ministry.

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