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Worry-free Audio Visual for your wedding

Planning for a wedding can seem like an overwhelming event. It's probably going to be one of the biggest personal events you may have to host, but it certainly doesn't have to be frustrating.

By following a step by step guide you can ensure your big day is a huge success. Most guides, however, will remind you to set a budget, pick a cake, book a venue, but most may neglect to mention that an audio visual provider adds so much value to the overall theme and hence the success of your day.

Most DJs or bands may have the simplest of equipment to either make themselves look or sound good, but forgetting the fact that it's your day, and the choice of lighting, effects and even the sound plays an important role. After you've found your inspiration for the look and feel of your wedding, let Mickella Solutions Inc set the right mood with color and visual effects to make your day look magical. Once you've selected the venue, we can work with you to ensure that the facility fits your dream wedding.

By selecting the right type of lights and drapes, we can transform an otherwise bland room into a memorable vibe. We select speakers that can provide good coverage and sound levels, and yet be unobtrusive to the room design. We call it "heard, not seen".

Let's remove one layer of frustration from your special day. Talk to us about how we can help.

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