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Resources for businesses and freelancers affected by Covid-19

We recently hosted a webinar with Fred Towles of The Towles Group, a finance and tax expert in New York. We talked about some of the issues facing and solutions available to gig workers in the Audio Visual and Live events industry. Below is a list of resources that were mentioned during the conversation.


Accounting, Tax and Financial Services:

The Towles Group Inc

Tel: 516-522-2676

Small Business Administration Disaster loan assistance

MusiCares Relief Fund

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

(Also see your State’s Department of Labor)

Professional Audio Training

Other training/online resources:

What to do while we wait to get back to work?

  1. Try something outside your field - Learn to play an instrument or finish that Christmas sweater.

  2. Learn something new (CAD or 3D design, lighting control software, Web design).

  3. Repair broken cables or clean up the warehouse/storage.

  4. Check out manufacturer’s website for equipment training and certification.

  5. Get financial paperwork in order.

  6. Research wealth building and money management topics

  7. Visit the university of (stay away from the cat videos, they’re addictive).

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